Mobile Messenger with Popup Notifications - NIMBUZZ !!!

If you're using Nokia E71, i suppose you'd be familiar with the coolest mobile messenger app which can connect you to all your skype, YM, gtalk, ICQ, MSN and others - NIMBUZZ.

Well it just got cooler with the latest version 2.2; it now supports POPUP NOTIFICATIONS. So when you hide the nimbuzz in your phone's background, and there's a chat activity such as chat messages from your contacts, it'll popup the message at your E71's main screen. How cool is that?? simple, yet brilliant.

Of course there are other cooler features like chat history, twitter and other stuffs, head on to their website to check it out.

IF you just want to download the fun, you can download it HERE

How to connect Nokia E71 as USB Modem

If you are using E71 with firmware 400.21.013, Nokia PC Suite version 7.1.40 and Nokia PC Internet Access version 1.1, and having problem to connect your PC with the internet using E71 as a USB modem, i'd just want to share that i had the exact same problem.

This is how i solved my issues:-

1. Download the latest Nokia Connectivity Cable driver version 7.1.22 from HERE or HERE.

2. Run the installer. I was given a menu to either repair or remove, i chosed 'remove'.

3. Restart PC.

4. Connect the E71 to PC. Choose "Connect PC to web" from the E71 screen.

5. Nokia PC Internet Access software should start on its own, it will display "preparing your nokia E71 device". Let it run for a minute. It's supposed to connect to Windows driver and should install the drivers for the E71 as USB modem.

6. If it doesn't install any drivers within 5 minutes, just cancel Nokia PC Internet Access, go to the windows program menu and click uninstall the Nokia PC Internet Access. You'll be given an option to 'remove' or 'repair', select 'repair'.

7. Restart the Nokia PC Internet Access and this time it should install the drivers for the E71's USB Modem.

Good luck trying! Let me know if this solved your problem as well. :)

EDIT: One Touch Access (Nokia PC Suite) now also works as it can now detect the USB Modem.


Nokia Backup File .NBU Problem (Filetype unknown)

A friend just had this problem when upgrading his E71 firmware; he backed up his data using Nokia Content Copier but was unable to restore the data. I thought i should put this up just in case anyone else having same trouble.

After backing up data from the phone using Nokia Content Copier and saved to PC as the .nbu file, the phone was upgraded without any problems and was succesful. Problem occured when doing backup restore using same Nokia Content Copier - the backup file was not found from the application. Even when the .nbu file was found in the PC, the Nokia Content Copier couldn't detect the file. So when the .nbu file was double-clicked, it opened Nokia Content Copier but with an error message; something like "Filetype is unknown. Unable to copy files to phone".

Problem occured with the usage of Nokia PC Suite version; Only found solution was to revert back to Nokia PC Suite version Other versions might also work but i haven't tested any.

I have the installer for version with me but its quite a big file to upload, so if any of you need the installer, leave a comment and i'll upload the file.

EDIT: Download the installer from HERE

Hope this helps.

Quickoffice v6.2.153 Free Upgrade for Nokia E71

If you did the E71 firmware upgrade to the latest 400.21.013, you'll realize that the quickoffice supplied with the firmware upgrade is version 5.3, which is kinda weird since E71 owners have been given a free upgrade to version 6 already long ago.

Anyway, if you need the installer for the upgrade to version 6 without going through the registration process at quickoffice website, you can download the installer HERE.


E71 Firmware 400.21.013 Upgrade and Backup Procedure

If you didn't know, there's a new firmware release for E71 which is 400.21.013; you can check if you E71 model can be upgraded at this website: Nokia Software Update. You'll just need to enter your phone's product code (refer inside your phone at the simcard location for the code) to see if you can upgrade. Just follow the website's instructions.

I've upgraded mine and working great so far. :)

What i did for the upgrade is as follows:-

1. Backup my contacts, notes and calendar details using Nokia PC Suite and synchronized to Microsoft Outlook. This synchronizing thing i have done periodically and has been a great way for me to organize my contacts and notes.

2. Backup my messages using Nokia PC Suite's Content Copier. You can in fact skip the first step by using Nokia Content Copier to backup your messages, contacts, notes, calendars and others.

3. Backup my Garmin's locked locations (My Locations). I messed up this step by doing it wrongly and i've lost all my locked locations. The correct way should have been to access Garmin software: Garmin>Tools>Manage My Data>Manage>Export GPX. Thereafter exit the software and connect phone to PC, find the GPX folder inside the Garmin folder and copy that GPX Folder to your PC. POI Folder can also be copied to your PC if you have anything inside there.

4. Backup all documents (quickoffice and pdf files), songs, apps and others from the memory card to PC.

5. Formatted my memory card: Menu>Tools>Memory>Options>Format Memory Card. This is just to be sure to have a good clean state of the card and remove all unnecessary installation files (if any) prior to the upgrade.

6. Take note of your memory card password. If you did not set any password, take note of your REMOTE LOCK password. This has proven useful to me. :) You should also take note of softwares which require login or email activation such as quickoffice, worldmate, nimbuzz and others, note down the emails and login details used.

7. Hard Reset the phone via *#7370# and *#7780#. I did both. The 3 finger salute method (Y+U+Green Call button and turn on phone) would have been better i suppose but i forgot the keys and lazy to find it at the time.

8. FINALLY UPGRADE THE FIRMWARE. Just follow the instructions from the NSU site or here as it basically instructs you to download a software (Nokia Software Updater) almost like the Nokia PC Suite for the upgrade. Be sure to have a good and steady internet connection during the upgrade and the phone's battery is more than half as it will take about 30minutes to 1hour for the upgrade (depend on internet connection) as you'll need to download approximately 100MB++ worth of upgrade files.

9. After the upgrade is done, restart your phone.

10. You'll be asked for memory card password. Just enter the REMOTE LOCK password.

11. Copy back all documents, songs and apps to the memory card.

12. Restore/Synchronize contacts, messages, notes and calendars using Nokia PC Suite (Microsoft Outlook or Nokia Content Copier)

13. Reinstall all apps (including Garmin). Note that for certain softwares, you may need to change the date to a few years back as you may get "certificate expired" error when re-installing the apps. This process will be tedious so hang in there :)

14. Copy GPX folder into Garmin folder inside memory card.

15. Open Garmin software: Garmin>Tools>Manage My Data>Manage>Import GPX. This will restore all the previous locked locations.

16. Finish

Let me know your experience. Good luck and all the best.


Upcode - the 1D barcode reader (and 2D barcodes as well)

If you use your barcode reader a lot, you’d like to know the best reader available. Well, I don’t search around much but I just found out this new app and went ahead to test it. It’s known as UPCODE, you can try it out from here.

As a benchmark, I used same method as previously, which is through the kaywa web generator and also quickmark code generator; the results:-

UPCODE managed to read only as much as 85 characters of Kaywa’s code and upto 120 characters of quickmark’s code.

So it seems quickmark’s apps are still the best for my E71, so far. And Nokia's native code reader is also better, i guess.

1 thing to note though, this upcode app allows code reading of 1D barcode! This should be a big plus point as the other readers do not offer this. So if you find this feature useful, then you might want to keep it.


iON BatteryTimer and its stand-by plugin display problem

i just came across this iON BatteryTimer symbian application which is said can show accurate battery status for symbian phones. Interesting, really. Check out their website for more details.

I have just used it and so far the "accuracy" is still poor but i am just at my second re-charge and the software claims to show accurate results after 4-5 cycles of charging, so i won't comment on that just yet. I do like this software because of it's neat interface and what it is supposed to do, you just can't miss having this app.

I had one problem though; the stand-by plugin which shows the battery status at the homescreen had some display problem with weird squares and doesn't look very nice.

A good lad from a forum highlighted the possible cause which was rather obvious - the fonts of the stand-by plugin weren't recognized by my E71 unit.

So the simple solution was to change the native fonts in order to have it work. Well, there are many ways to change the native fonts in E71, a simple internet search will help you with it, but just a suggestion - i used fontrouter LT and it helped solve the problem. Careful with the font changing process as it is risky and be sure to read enough before attempting any. Good luck!

P/S: Checkout the powersaver mode (screensaver), really neat!

Nokia E71 Tip: Transfer Bluetooth Files from Messaging's Inbox to other folders

How ignorant of me. Har har.. I have been using this E71 for more than 6months and still cursing about how difficult it is to transfer files via bluetooth using this symbian phone. This is because bluetooth files transfer shall direct the file into the messaging inbox as a new message and only supported files such as jpeg, mp3 and words/excel files can be opened and saved when transfered using this bluetooth way. Other files with unknown extensions (such as rar files) cannot be opened nor saved to other folders.

This message will pop up:
I normally will have to use my data cable to transfer these type of files directly into the folder needed and its always a hassle. I seldom share files with friends via bluetooth due to this matter as well. Now only i know of the simplest workaround for this issue and in fact using a simple software that i had been using all along - activefile.

If you need more info about activefile, please refer my previous post. Basically other file explorer software may also do the trick, i guess.

Using activefile, just simply browse to the "inbox" folder, and voila! there they are, the files are in there...Har har..

Well once you find the needed file using activefile, copying and transferring the files to other folder won't be that hard with the app's dual pane..just copy and paste!

Do you have other better ways? Let me know please.. :)



If you have no idea of barcode reader, please refer my previous post HERE.

I tried this other software as suggested by a reader (yuc3697), Quickmark barcode reader and code generator and i can simply say i am impressed and it is by far better than nokia barcode reader. Simply put, the below are my findings:-

Quickmark barcode reader
As a comparison, i've used nokia barcode reader a lot and one limitation is the number of characters it can read. By using the same kaywa code generator, i find that the nokia barcode reader cannot read anything above 170 characters.

Using quickmark barcode reader, i was able to read up to 190 characters.

Quickmark code generator
As to earlier suggested kaywa code generator, i must say that this quickmark code generator is better simply because it does not require an internet connection - it is a software that can be installed on my PC! i find this most convenient.

Whats better is that by using this quickmark code generator along with the quickmark code reader, it can read up to 280 characters. :) superb!

i have been using these ever since. I use this barcode quite a lot since i need to sms addresses and details to colleagues and i cannot think of any other way more convenient than using this.

Let me know if you have different experience.

If you need to check it out further, please check their website HERE.

If you're using Nokia E71, you can download both the quickmark reader and generator HERE.


Malaysia Income Tax Refund

Have you received your income tax refund? I know of some who haven't.

Anyway i made this template for request of refund from the LHDN, consider it a kind reminder to them. :) Made it in Bahasa since i thought it is the official standard for Malaysia government agencies.


EDIT: 10 days after sending the letter to LHDN, they responded that the request is being processed. Very efficient. Hope they keep up the good work :p


E71 Free Symbian Applications I Use (Top 5)

Here's a list of some FREE apps which i have installed in my E71. I even included a download link for a compilation of all the apps at the bottom of this page, just in case you'd like to download it all in one go (i even added some extras).


1. JBAK Taskman v1.00 by JBak

This would be the very first software i have to install on my E71. Reason? As symbian does not have an application shortcut list, this is one software which provides such feature. So it gives faster access to the apps installed on your device.

Not only does it gives access, it also gives control of the apps on your device. JBAK Taskman is actually a task manager and process viewer that easily beats the current nokia task list (accessible by long press of home button) so as that needs no further explanation, try it to explore its capabilities!

Link: Author's website

Oh and some useful features are battery status (not very accurate) and soft reboot.

2. Activefile v1.40(186) v1.42(1) by Alie Tan

Activefile is a file manager software, so what's the big deal you might ask?

Well not only does it show the total size and current usage of your main drives (very important don't you think), it also allows browsing of files and folders in two (2) separate window panes. So this enables easy moving and copying of files from one to another.

EDIT: You can also access files transferred via bluetooth inside the message inbox using this app, superb!

Hint: If you can sign unsigned apps, the unsigned with extended version allows soft reboot and also screen capture.

Link: Author's website

3. Opera Mini v4.02(0) by Opera Software

Simply another alternative to the existing nokia web browser, and preferred by most users. Faster and better loading of web pages and the 'back' option really does browse back to the previous page and this is a big plus point for me against the existing browser.

I don't have a .sis file for this, you'll have to download it directly to your mobile (better use wifi if you're not on flat data plan) by going to this link http://mini.opera.com (use my tip HERE if you're lazy to type)

Link: Software website

4. Worldmate v7.00(43) by Worldmate Inc

I consider this very important to me as i go around places sometimes and communicate with overseas client/colleagues, this software gives world clocks, exchange currencies, weather conditions as well as day/night map.

If you go gold (paid version), other services are offered such as flight schedules, alerts and flight status.

Link: Software website

5. Wefi v1.04(10) v1.07(21) by Wefi Ltd

I've stopped using Nokia WLan search software ever since i found Wefi. Wefi scans the place for wifi connections and lets you see open, require sign in and locked spots from its scan. Wefi will also automatically connect to the best wifi connection, saves a lot of time rather than you testing each connection one by one.

EDIT: This new version seems slightly faster in searching and connecting to network.

Link: Software Website


And then there are others like Nimbuzz, Fring, Google email client, Google maps, cCalc, Calcium and others but i thought i'll limit it to five (5) apps which i use the most first for this round.

What applications must you have on your device?

If anyone would like to download the above apps, they can be found HERE

NOTE: Post edited and apps updated as of 23rd Oct 09.


NOKIA Barcode Reader: 2D Barcode

Often when i need to copy a web link to my mobile browser to download apps, or to send a home address to friends and colleagues, i find it inconvenient to type the long link with all the special characters and all...so i found this easy and most simple way to do it, which is to use a website to generate a 2D barcode (on my PC) and later use my 'barcode reader' to scan and copy the link (in my phone).

Check this website: http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ it can basically generate any web links, text, phone numbers and even sms.

Once you click generate, you'll be given something like this:


Use your barcode reader to scan and translate it! good luck trying..

If you don't have the barcode reader, you can try this java version of the reader at http://reader.kaywa.com/ but it may have some limitations so you'll have to try it to see if it works..

and by the way, i tried the barcode reader on my groceries stuffs as well and surely it wouldn't read anything, that's because those are known as '1D barcode' and not readable by the nokia barcode reader.. har har..


NOKIA E71 PROBLEM: memory card corrupted, memory card in use and memory card locked

OK ever since i got my new NOKIA E71, i seemed to have met with all the 3 problems mentioned above and i assure you it is really frustrating..so i decided to share a bit of experience in this blog just in case somebody else gets the same predicament and also as a reminder for myself..


This was the first problem ever encountered. Whenever i plugged my E71 to PC using the USB cable, i'd get to choose either "Nokia PC Suite" mode or "Mass Media Storage" mode. Whenever i chose Nokia PC Suite mode, i will get an error message saying "F:\ refers to location that is unavailable...bla bla" and therefore i cannot access the memory card. If i choose mass media storage mode, i can access the memory card and carry on with copying stuffs, but when i unplug the phone and browse to my memory card folder, i get the "memory card in use" error in my phone and it stucks there. Only workaround was to restart or reboot my phone and it was really annoying. From forums i browse, some believe that the memory card supplied may have been formatted with a different format which confuses the phone.

SOLUTION: With the memory card inside the phone, format it using the phone from the memory card menu. GOTO Menu > Tools > Memory Card > Format

After formatting, i was able to access my memory card from both nokia pc suite mode and mass media storage mode without the "memory in use" error.


I had this one only once and i didn't know what had happened. After searching through the internet, some had suggested that the phones randomly encrypt the memory card and therefore had caused the memory card to become unreadable due to the encryption (thus corrupted). The solution below was also suggested from the forum and i myself have not yet any chance to try it (i formatted my memory card and lost all my data when it happened to me that time), will update this post when i do.

SOLUTION: GOTO Menu > Tools > Encryption > Encrypt and save Key > Cancel (prior to actual encryption) unless you wish to encrypt your card.

When you choose 'encrypt and save key', you'll be asked for a passphrase (do not lose this) and a key name. This key name (it should be xxx.pk5 will be saved into folder 'others' in phone memory so be sure to back it up into your PC. The encryption status shall be turned to 'on'.

So whenever you get the memory corrupted error again, just simple go back into encryption mode and use 'encrypt with imported key', key in passphrase and it should solve the issue. Let me know if it doesn't, i may not be able to solve your problem but it would be helpful to other readers.


After all the frustrations, i felt like cleaning up my phone so i did a factory reset. As you may have guessed, i got the memory card locked error. Basically when i restarted the phone it would pop up a password menu for the memory card but problem was i didn't set any password, or did i?

SOLUTION: GOTO Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Security > Phone and Sim > Allow remote lock. You will be asked for a remote lock message, i entered "lockit" and then it will ask for lock code, the factory lock code should be "12345" (i strongly suggest you change this).

Thereafter you can simply enter "lockit" (remote lock message) as your memory card password to unlock it.

By configuring the remote lock, it wipes any password of the memory card and replace it with the new remote lock message password.

EDIT: I receive info from our reader, Bassam that the above method did not work on new firmware 210.21.006 i just updated my firmware to latest version 300.21.012 and as suspected i will get the 'memory locked error'. I tried the last remote lock message "lockit" and it was solved. So i tried hard resetting it again, and again the error message came out. This time i tried the above step and set a new remote lock message "phone", so i tried "phone" to unlock the memory card but was unsuccessful. so i tried my last password "lockit" and voila! it was unlocked.

Another reader, mäenpää suggested to try 'lukitse'as the password which may or may not be a generic/original password for the E71. Try it out and post here is it really works. thanks.

DO NOTE THIS: If you never set "remote lock" option then the above method may just work, but if you had, make sure to try the last remote lock message to unlock your code.


CIMB Credit Card Installment Plan

I decided to buy myself a smartphone, for work and for leisure; but since I don’t have any budget for this (har har..), I went searching around for installment plans.

Basically all the shops selling the phone only offered installment plans for credit cards by either maybank or hsbc. I asked if CIMB offered any installment plans, but the shops asked me to call CIMB credit card center to request for the installment plans; which i did.

As maybank and hsbc charges a one time service charge of 5% and 7% depending on either 12months or 24months installment, CIMB had a different plan - purchases above rm1,000 is charged a one time 3% for 10months installment and purchases above rm3,000 is 5% for 20months installment. Quite a good deal for me compared to the ones offered by maybank or hsbc.

There is one twist though, the installment plan is not pre-approved, it is subject to approval from the bank.

So this is how it works - you have to make the purchase first. Then after 3 workings days, give a call to CIMB credit card center; the number is at the back of your credit card. Tell the helpline staff that you wish to request for installment plan. The staff shall check your transaction (which is why you need to wait for 3 working days before you call to make sure the transaction is entered into their system) and verify the transaction which you would like to apply for the installment, upon your confirmation the staff will then submit your application into the system and that's about it for your part.

If your application is succesful, the installment plan shall be reflected in your next credit card statement. If unsuccessful, the helpline staff should call you to inform you about it. This is the not-so-good part; if unsuccessful, your transaction is considered a normal transaction and required to be paid in full before the due date stated in the credit card statement, failing which you will be charged the normal 18% per annum interest.

For this particular reason, i had prepared a simple excel calculation sheet just to calculate the amount needed to be paid if based on the normal interest rate and us paying a certain amount each month. You can get it HERE (it is made optimized for my smartphone excel's quicksheet usage).

For the calculation, i based on buying the phone at a price of rm1,000. So according to CIMB installment plan, there is a one time charge of 3% which is rm30, thereafter monthly installment of rm100. So for the excel sheet, i just based on paying monthly rm100 to compare the differences. Have a look at the spreadsheet to see the differences.

By the way, you should call your CIMB credit card center to verify the above procedure and to check if it is still available. If i'm not mistaken it is called “CIMB i-Pay Plan”


Malaysia E-Filing 2008

LHDN has now opened access for e-filing 2008 at their website:- E-Filing
Do take note that closing date for e-filing shall be 30th April 2009.

for those who have already used e-filing since submission year 2005, you may use the same login (I/C number) and password as the digital certificate is still valid.

For those who are still new to e-filing, you will have to go to any LHDN office and obtained your "no. pin" to enable access into the e-filing system. At their website, it also mentions that no. pin is also available by letter, fax or e-mail with the relevant details provided. Check it out at the e-filing website.

The time i collected my no. pin back then, i just showed my I/C card and the officer gave me the no. pin slip, as easy as that.

Once you have the no. pin, just "login first time" and you'll be on your way. If you need some guide, it's easily available at LHDN website: here

ADD. INFO: E-Filing is using "Roaming PKI Certificate" which means you can login and access into e-filing page from just any computer and not necessarily the computer which you registered initially. As this is very convenient, however be careful with which computer you use, if your login details are taken (for instance by means of a keylogger), anybody can simply login into your account and abuse it.


Updated Malaysian Income Tax Calculator BE2008

It has been a while since i updated the blog. Well i thought i'd update it every now and then when i have useful info to share, plus when i have the time to spare from my current work and family commitments.. :)

anyway, LHDN had just published their format for "Borang BE2008", you can easily have a look at it at their official website: LHDN Website : Borang.

On another note, i've just updated my spreadsheet income tax calculator to incorporate the changes to the new layout of the upcoming e-filing as well as to upate some calcs in the existing one. Have a try out and let me know of any errors you find.

Borang BE Income Tax Calculator Revision 2 (rapidshare)

Just a hint, most values are 'editable' and therefore i hope that the calculator can be used to plan and estimate your taxes in years to come. I'll update the spreadsheet when there is a change in layout (especially when government introduces new cuts and additional exemptions) but basically the calculations can still be used. Hope it is useful to most of you.

EDIT: Check out the latest calculator for 2009 HERE