NOKIA Barcode Reader: 2D Barcode

Often when i need to copy a web link to my mobile browser to download apps, or to send a home address to friends and colleagues, i find it inconvenient to type the long link with all the special characters and all...so i found this easy and most simple way to do it, which is to use a website to generate a 2D barcode (on my PC) and later use my 'barcode reader' to scan and copy the link (in my phone).

Check this website: http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ it can basically generate any web links, text, phone numbers and even sms.

Once you click generate, you'll be given something like this:


Use your barcode reader to scan and translate it! good luck trying..

If you don't have the barcode reader, you can try this java version of the reader at http://reader.kaywa.com/ but it may have some limitations so you'll have to try it to see if it works..

and by the way, i tried the barcode reader on my groceries stuffs as well and surely it wouldn't read anything, that's because those are known as '1D barcode' and not readable by the nokia barcode reader.. har har..


yuc3697 said...

You also can get the QRCode reader & generater barcode from the website www.quickmark.com.tw. QuickMark decorder is very fast and good to use. Try it.

AttaHun said...

thanks for your suggestion. I might just try it someday.

Anonymous said...

hi vineet here
i hv tried all d options mentioned above bt all r nt wrking for me at all.pls help me out to unlock my memory card.i never set any password for it.

AttaHun said...

i believe this comment was meant for my other thread. Anyway, if you never set any password for it, the 'set remote lock' option should have worked. Sorry if it didn't.

Only way shall be to format it and start anew.

Dale Sean said...

Thanks for your recommendation of the barcode reader.Your introduction on this software is in great detail,it seems to be powerful.Some features inside it appeal to me very much, I want to have a try.By the way, I'm going to do my work with barcode,does it support to read data matrix?
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