Updated Malaysian Income Tax Calculator BE2008

It has been a while since i updated the blog. Well i thought i'd update it every now and then when i have useful info to share, plus when i have the time to spare from my current work and family commitments.. :)

anyway, LHDN had just published their format for "Borang BE2008", you can easily have a look at it at their official website: LHDN Website : Borang.

On another note, i've just updated my spreadsheet income tax calculator to incorporate the changes to the new layout of the upcoming e-filing as well as to upate some calcs in the existing one. Have a try out and let me know of any errors you find.

Borang BE Income Tax Calculator Revision 2 (rapidshare)

Just a hint, most values are 'editable' and therefore i hope that the calculator can be used to plan and estimate your taxes in years to come. I'll update the spreadsheet when there is a change in layout (especially when government introduces new cuts and additional exemptions) but basically the calculations can still be used. Hope it is useful to most of you.

EDIT: Check out the latest calculator for 2009 HERE