If you have no idea of barcode reader, please refer my previous post HERE.

I tried this other software as suggested by a reader (yuc3697), Quickmark barcode reader and code generator and i can simply say i am impressed and it is by far better than nokia barcode reader. Simply put, the below are my findings:-

Quickmark barcode reader
As a comparison, i've used nokia barcode reader a lot and one limitation is the number of characters it can read. By using the same kaywa code generator, i find that the nokia barcode reader cannot read anything above 170 characters.

Using quickmark barcode reader, i was able to read up to 190 characters.

Quickmark code generator
As to earlier suggested kaywa code generator, i must say that this quickmark code generator is better simply because it does not require an internet connection - it is a software that can be installed on my PC! i find this most convenient.

Whats better is that by using this quickmark code generator along with the quickmark code reader, it can read up to 280 characters. :) superb!

i have been using these ever since. I use this barcode quite a lot since i need to sms addresses and details to colleagues and i cannot think of any other way more convenient than using this.

Let me know if you have different experience.

If you need to check it out further, please check their website HERE.

If you're using Nokia E71, you can download both the quickmark reader and generator HERE.


Malaysia Income Tax Refund

Have you received your income tax refund? I know of some who haven't.

Anyway i made this template for request of refund from the LHDN, consider it a kind reminder to them. :) Made it in Bahasa since i thought it is the official standard for Malaysia government agencies.


EDIT: 10 days after sending the letter to LHDN, they responded that the request is being processed. Very efficient. Hope they keep up the good work :p