Updated Malaysian Income Tax Calculator BE2008

It has been a while since i updated the blog. Well i thought i'd update it every now and then when i have useful info to share, plus when i have the time to spare from my current work and family commitments.. :)

anyway, LHDN had just published their format for "Borang BE2008", you can easily have a look at it at their official website: LHDN Website : Borang.

On another note, i've just updated my spreadsheet income tax calculator to incorporate the changes to the new layout of the upcoming e-filing as well as to upate some calcs in the existing one. Have a try out and let me know of any errors you find.

Borang BE Income Tax Calculator Revision 2 (rapidshare)

Just a hint, most values are 'editable' and therefore i hope that the calculator can be used to plan and estimate your taxes in years to come. I'll update the spreadsheet when there is a change in layout (especially when government introduces new cuts and additional exemptions) but basically the calculations can still be used. Hope it is useful to most of you.

EDIT: Check out the latest calculator for 2009 HERE


Trevor Keegan said...


You might also like to take a look at www.TAXSAYA.com. This is Malaysia First FREE Multi-Lingual Tax Software.

We are currently updating it for the 2008 filing. In the meantime, you can feel free to have a look at our website.

Trevor Keegan

AttaHun said...

thanx for your recommendation. A good software and very comprehensive.. This spreadsheet on the other hand was made for a simple and fast checking of the tax.. Also it follows exactly the e-filing format as one can "practice" filing in their tax..So the purpose shall remain.. cheers!

Anonymous said...

Very useful! Thanks! :)

Achtung said...

thanks very much!!

udahenry said...

Thank you so much...
This is just what I need..
It's a simple yet brilliant file, also served the objective to help people like me who is not Malaysian citizen to understand more about amount of my tax return!

gtchye said...

Very good and useful tax calculator. I am forwarding it to all my friends. I am sure they appreciate it.

AttaHun said...

thanks guys, glad you guys find it useful. and yes please do feel free to forward to friends and family as i do think it would be useful for future tax planning. cheers.

Anonymous said...

1. got any alternative download link other than rapidshare?

2. Your spreadsheet incorporate the changes from the 2009 minibudget?


AttaHun said...

hi, you can check out bebas-hutang website at http://www.bebas-hutang.com for a direct download link or you can send me your email and i can email you the spreadsheet.

my spreadsheet is only based on LHDN's BE2008 format. However as the values are 'editable' you may change the value accordingly to plan for income tax year assesment 2009.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the time & effort in preparing the spreadsheet. It's very much appreciated.... small but useful tools...keep it up

Anonymous said...

now 'pelepasan individu' is RM9K. appreciate if u can modify it and email me latest copy to emel2me [at] gmail.com

AttaHun said...

thanks for dropping by and checking out my spreadsheet. the value 8000 can be edited to 9000, just change the one to the left of the calculation cell / box.

Ivan said...


Wondering will you provide the BE2009 version? I'm really appreciate for your effort. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Will you provide BE2009 version? Thanks

AttaHun said...

i am still waiting for the BE2009 format to be published by LHDN. I'll update it then. In the meantime, you can still check your income tax using my spreadsheet as all the values are 'editable', so just change the 'limit' value to reflect the current year's income tax limitations.

Thanks for your interest in the spreadsheet. Drop by again for the update.

Anonymous said...


The form is available right now:


Hope to get your updated spreadsheet soon. Thanks.

AttaHun said...

hi, thanks for the head up. I've actually updated the spreadsheet, check my other posting