Malaysian Income Tax 2009 (and BE2009 Calculator)

So its just around the corner, eh? I wouldn't dwell too much on it and start the calculations. Not much we can do about it anyway, really.

As LHDN had just released their Borang BE2009 today, i also updated my Borang BE2009 spreadsheet calculator. Not much difference, just a slight change.

But nonetheless, feel free to download it here:
BORANG INCOME TAX BE2009 (Rapidshare)

Let me know if you come into any troubles using this, yeah?


Poji said...

* Pembayar cukai pendapatan individu diberikan pengecualian cukai ke atas langganan jalur lebar sehingga RM500 setahun mulai 2010 hingga 2012.

Petikan Bajet 2010

Thanks for BE2009 Calculator buat i use e-filing.


Lip Fung said...

nice blog~

AttaHun said...

thanks guys..

Erin said...

Thanks for the calculator! it is of great help.

CaBaiKeRinG said...

i cant download please help..

my email rsd1003@gmail.com

thank you so much for this informative blog... wish alot more people as kind as u r

Nordin said...

Tq... very useful. Any chance you provide the password so I can unprotect the sheet & do some adjustment

AttaHun said...

glad u find it useful. Sorry bout the password, don't feel like giving it out yet. ;p

BluesMan said...

D11 section - doesn't work.

AttaHun said...

to activate D11, A3 must be 2 or 3.

let me know if it still doesn't work.

Bujal Hassan said...

nice tool...thank you very very much :D

illya feisal said...

Nak tanya, ada calculator utk borang P tak? Baru nak jinak2 dgn enterprise, tak reti lah pulak isi .. nak pakai ejen, tapi baru start buat jual2 makan, mana laa ada budget nak bayar ejen.. kalau tuan ada, boleh email kat saya calculator for borang P? myillyaworld@gmail.com

AttaHun said...

borang b yer? maaf belum buat apa2 lagi utk enterprise nye case..kalau saya dah start bukak enterprise mungkin laa saya buat kan.

terima kasih bertandang ke blog saya.