Malaysian Income Tax Year Assessment 2009 (Changes from Year 2008)

If you are starting to look into your income tax, you might want to know that the LHDN's website has a new interface, and even i just noticed this. :)

I'm actually looking for the BE2009 format but it seems that its not yet published. Anyway, i'll just review some of the changes which i find relevant to me, at the very least.

Income Tax Rate
Only changes are for the people in the tax bracket RM35,000 - RM50,000 where the tax rate for year 2009 is 12% compared to the previous 13% and also for people in the tax bracket above RM250,000 where the rate is now 27% as opposed to previous 28%. Others remain.

Tax Relief
No changes for year 2009 but do look forward to assessment year 2010! :)

Tax Rebate
Changed from RM350 to RM400. This is quite useful to most of us, even though it could have been more.

All the above can be referred to at their website HERE. Check it under 'Tax Matters' on the right column.

If the above are the only changes, then my BE2008 calculator can still be used, just change the relevant values in the calculator accordingly and you should be able to calculate your income tax value for year 2009.

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