Broadband Tax Relief RM500 Year Assesment 2010

So if you didn't know, there is a tax relief of RM500 provided for broadband subscriptions, however it is only applicable for year assesment 2010 which means it is for the broadband subscription from this year onwards. The details as mentioned here under item 20.

That means an allocation of approximately RM41.67 per month.. hmmm i wonder what package is there that covers such a minimum subscription.

If you also didn't know, i'm a streamyx reseller. Hihihi... So if you want to subscribe to a streamyx broadband package to minimize further your income tax, just let me know. I can advice you what you need to register and what packages are offered and may be suitable for you.

Just simply email me here or click 'contact me' from my sidebar.

You still have 9 more months to take advantage of this broadband tax relief for next year income tax filing - year assesment 2010.

Be sure that the account is under your name to avoid any hassle explaining to LHDN if ever you are audited.

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Back Taxes Help said...

Hi all,

I noticed that according to malaysia budget 2010, malaysian taxpayers will get tax relief on broadband subscription up to RM500 a year, from year of assessment 2010 to 2012. Meaning that this tax relief is only for three years only. Thanks a lot.....