NOKIA E71 PROBLEM: memory card corrupted, memory card in use and memory card locked

OK ever since i got my new NOKIA E71, i seemed to have met with all the 3 problems mentioned above and i assure you it is really frustrating..so i decided to share a bit of experience in this blog just in case somebody else gets the same predicament and also as a reminder for myself..


This was the first problem ever encountered. Whenever i plugged my E71 to PC using the USB cable, i'd get to choose either "Nokia PC Suite" mode or "Mass Media Storage" mode. Whenever i chose Nokia PC Suite mode, i will get an error message saying "F:\ refers to location that is unavailable...bla bla" and therefore i cannot access the memory card. If i choose mass media storage mode, i can access the memory card and carry on with copying stuffs, but when i unplug the phone and browse to my memory card folder, i get the "memory card in use" error in my phone and it stucks there. Only workaround was to restart or reboot my phone and it was really annoying. From forums i browse, some believe that the memory card supplied may have been formatted with a different format which confuses the phone.

SOLUTION: With the memory card inside the phone, format it using the phone from the memory card menu. GOTO Menu > Tools > Memory Card > Format

After formatting, i was able to access my memory card from both nokia pc suite mode and mass media storage mode without the "memory in use" error.


I had this one only once and i didn't know what had happened. After searching through the internet, some had suggested that the phones randomly encrypt the memory card and therefore had caused the memory card to become unreadable due to the encryption (thus corrupted). The solution below was also suggested from the forum and i myself have not yet any chance to try it (i formatted my memory card and lost all my data when it happened to me that time), will update this post when i do.

SOLUTION: GOTO Menu > Tools > Encryption > Encrypt and save Key > Cancel (prior to actual encryption) unless you wish to encrypt your card.

When you choose 'encrypt and save key', you'll be asked for a passphrase (do not lose this) and a key name. This key name (it should be xxx.pk5 will be saved into folder 'others' in phone memory so be sure to back it up into your PC. The encryption status shall be turned to 'on'.

So whenever you get the memory corrupted error again, just simple go back into encryption mode and use 'encrypt with imported key', key in passphrase and it should solve the issue. Let me know if it doesn't, i may not be able to solve your problem but it would be helpful to other readers.


After all the frustrations, i felt like cleaning up my phone so i did a factory reset. As you may have guessed, i got the memory card locked error. Basically when i restarted the phone it would pop up a password menu for the memory card but problem was i didn't set any password, or did i?

SOLUTION: GOTO Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Security > Phone and Sim > Allow remote lock. You will be asked for a remote lock message, i entered "lockit" and then it will ask for lock code, the factory lock code should be "12345" (i strongly suggest you change this).

Thereafter you can simply enter "lockit" (remote lock message) as your memory card password to unlock it.

By configuring the remote lock, it wipes any password of the memory card and replace it with the new remote lock message password.

EDIT: I receive info from our reader, Bassam that the above method did not work on new firmware 210.21.006 i just updated my firmware to latest version 300.21.012 and as suspected i will get the 'memory locked error'. I tried the last remote lock message "lockit" and it was solved. So i tried hard resetting it again, and again the error message came out. This time i tried the above step and set a new remote lock message "phone", so i tried "phone" to unlock the memory card but was unsuccessful. so i tried my last password "lockit" and voila! it was unlocked.

Another reader, mäenpää suggested to try 'lukitse'as the password which may or may not be a generic/original password for the E71. Try it out and post here is it really works. thanks.

DO NOTE THIS: If you never set "remote lock" option then the above method may just work, but if you had, make sure to try the last remote lock message to unlock your code.


SaGaR said...

thnks for the info brother,,
i am having some prblm with my e71 as well,, but hadnt found the solution yet,, i guess u can help..
the prblm is,,when i try to download anything to my phone, it says file corrupted.. i m not able to install anything on my phone,, wat can b the solution to this,
i m living in nz, but my phone is from india,, nokia care centre ppl say tht it might b problem of country coz many features are not supported. but i knw they r bullshitting. how can installing any application or a theme, giving this kind of error.. it says "file corrupted".. plz let me knw the solution.. mail me at electronically_sagar@yahoo.com

thnks brother,,


Bassam said...

MEMORY CARD LOCKED -> Enable Remote Lock

Sorry, It didn't work!

I did set the remote lock and used it as "password" for locked memory card but it did not work.

History: I never set any password for my memory card, the MEMORY CARD password lock happened after I updated the E71 firmware version 210.21.006

Did I miss anything?
I have important data on my memory card, Please help!

Thank you,

AttaHun said...

Bassam, have you turned on phone lock? can you try to change the "remote lock message" to an 8 alphabets word and try again using the "remote lock message" as password for your locked memory card? The above method was supposed to be good for firmware 200.21.118, not sure about yours but very helpful to know if it doesn't work. thanx.

Bassam said...


Thank you for your tips.
I tried a new "remote lock message" exactly 8 characters e.g"12345678". I sent it by SMS and the phone was locked.

I opened with my normal lock key, then asked me about memory card password, I put the "12345678", but unfortunately it didn't work.

I'll give some time 1-2 days then will go for formatting the card as last resort.

Thank you for your help.


AttaHun said...

Bassam, sorry that it didn't worked out for you. I guess it does not work with the new firmware. If you please, try 1 more thing.. go to menu > tools > memory > remove password and use the "remote lock messsage" - 12345678 which you set as the password. If it still does not work, try a longer remote lock message such as "1234567890" but enter the password for memory card as "12345678" only. see if that helps..

Bassam said...

Dear AttaHun,

Thank you very much for trying to help.

I don't have( menu > tools > memory > "remove password").
- remove memory card
- unlock memory card
- format memory card

It seams the new firmware has a different configuration.

I'm tempted to role back to older firmware version and try again,.. but this does not seam possible with E71.

Thank you for your help.


AttaHun said...

sorry bassam i could not be of further help. i have read in the net that someone had better luck by removing the memory card while the phone is turned on and thereafter re-inserted the memory card. Then he used the lock message as password.

lauri said...

Hmm..dunno if it helps but I had also the same memory card locked -thingy and I went and put this "remote lock message", I used word "lukko" -> tried to unlock -> no help. I took the memory card out (without removing it through software or anything), put it back, tried again "lukko" -> no help. Then, I remembered from my colleague (before working at Nokia) that he mentioned something in other context about capital letter in the beginning of lock word..so I tried "Lukko" ("L" instead of "l") -> Unbelievable but that helped! I got my card open!

Of course I'm not sure, that was this all because about 6 mohts ago I used lock word "Lukko" already, but I have done 2 factory resets and also re-set that word to "lukko" today, so I really should not have that "Lukko" word in use anymore..

Anyway, did't have to format my 2 gigs of quality trance music :P

nirang said...

Thanks aaallllotttttt broo

Ma memory card has been unlocked!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

...you're a genius, thanks a lot. (my old remote lock pwd worked...). cheers, J.

Anonymous said...

You have pointed out the memory problem which I have encountered too. thanks for your blog.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Nathan said...

Hi Guys,
I have the nokia e71 and came across the memmory card corrupted problem yesterday.

I don't know anything about encryption nor have i set any passwords to stop my memory card from working.

Basically i was using my phone, then it cut out restored itself and all my applications, pictures, videos etc that were on my memory card had disappeared. I can't even access my memory card or see it from my phone or pc suite!

When my memory card is in my phone, the encryption application starts and says:

This memory card is encrypted but the phone encryption is off. Decrypt this memory card?


I tried your solution to Memory Card Corrupted, but when i enter in the passphrase it says 'invalid key' when i know its the right key!!!!!!????!!!!!

Has anyone solved this problem because Nokia seem to be useless at resolving this issue? Also i'm resigned to having to format my memory card, although my phone won't let me format it from my handset so i'll have to buy a memory card reader to do this.

If i brought a new memory card am i likely to have the same encryption problem or will it be fine? Unfortunately i don't know anyone who has a Nokia with a micro sd slot to try the memory card out so i'm stuffed!

Any suggestions or help?

AttaHun said...

Hi Nathan, thanks for sharing your experience, i had once this kind of scare and unfortunately was not able to retrieve my information as i formatted my memory card.

Obviously you cannot access your memory card as it is now encrypted by the phone and therefore giving the 'corrupted' error.

Since you mentioned that you have never done any encryption and never set any password, i'd assume you are having the kind of problem where the E71 randomly encrypts your memory card.

As i mentioned, i only resolved this issue by formatting my memory card using the phone. Other E71 users suggests that trying to re-format the memory card using the computer might not be possible as it is an encryption problem, do try and let us know if it was possible on your side though.

On another note, have you tried the 'remote lock' option? try to set the remote lock, then go to memory card > remove password and just see whether the 'remote lock message' is able to be used as password.

If you do buy a new memory card, i'd suggest you do the above step by step > format memory card > set encryption passphrase and cancel prior to actual encryption > remote lock. I had done all the above and so far my phone has not given me any troubles since my first encounter. :)

all the best to you.

cloud_mils said...

Hello guys,
I just experienced a similar thing that happened to Nathan.. When I wanted to decrypt the memory card, it says 'no keys found'...*err what?!? So yeah it's too bad I haven't had the chance to back up my files T_T. Anyways thanks a lot for the info AttaHun :)

Johnny Duong said...

I had the issue of having the memory card corrupted over the weekend. Frustrating because I had just recorded a bunch of videos.

Anyway, I have found the solution to recovering the "corrupted data" which I've tried and works successfully.

My current phone details:

Nokia E71 with standard 2gb Nokia MicroSD card that came with it.

1. Connect phone to computer by USB. Set to Mass Storage mode.

2. You will need to them have some sort of Defraging application on your computer. For those with Windows OS, you can use the standard defrag program that comes with Windows.

3. Within the WindowsOS defrag program, run an anaylsis, you'll see all the fragmented data in red. That is all the 'corrupted' data on your memory card.

4. Run defrag, allowing for all the data to be "sorted" and organised.

5. Use a data recovery application, in my case, I used "Card Recovery version 3.60".

6. Allow for the program to diagnose your memory and retrieve any data that was previously lost/corrupted/deleted etc.

7. Save your restored data onto your computer.

With the above process I was able to recover the 600mb worth of videos I recorded at a concert and a heap of music that was on my memory card.

Once you've restored your data, you can go ahead with formatting the card and starting fresh.

Hope that helps everyone!

AttaHun said...

thanks johnny duong for sharing your knowledge and experience..

For your case, is it the 'memory card corrupted' issue? I can't recall but if not mistaken once the memory card corrupted due to the password/encryption issue, there is no way to access the card anymore; even using card reader would give 'memory not recognized' error..

Anyway thanx for your feedback, i am sure it will be useful and come in handy one day..cheers

Anonymous said...

hey i have a hell of a problem with my e71

im not sure what i did , i was trying to get my memory card to work since all my data was on my phone memory.. anywayy
now whatever i open.. gallery, messages, applications. it says " Already in Use" . i cant read my messages or go into my inbox . how can i fix this?

AttaHun said...

that's a new one for me..

Just a suggestion, try installing JBAK Taskman to see your processes and running applications. Check out my other posts if you need info on JBAK Taskman.

Anonymous said...

yeah i dont know how to add it to my fone. i tryed through bluetooth but it doesnt work. i cant recive or send anything through bluetooth. i think it might be a virus.

AttaHun said...

hi, transfer the app using your usb cable and nokia pc suite.

if all fails, i hope you don't have much in the phone..i'd suggest a reboot *#7370# for a fresh new start.

Anonymous said...

hey .. T.T sorry to bother u ppl but i have a big problem same as u :'( yesterday i installed Windows live messenger on phone (E71) and was working just fine. Today when i logged in from msn from phone its kept sayin serive unavailable and after some time the MSN application dissapeared ! However installed this application knows tht it adds another folder in the folder communication>messaging and tht icon changed from a mailbox lookin icon to a question mark within a white circle :S .. I tried to re install messenger but it kept sayin unable to install componment built-in .. Or summfin like tht :( so since i couldnt even delete it from the messaging folder i decided to reset it ! once i did i realised tht i didnt write down my contacts numbers! :'( then i re inserted the memory card and its is askin me for a password .. I know the password but not exactly .. I know tht its the name of me bf .. But thts it .. Icompletely forgot about since since the phone never asked for it ! Pllsss people can u tell me how to unlock it??? I have many stuff saved in it and even hws for lessons tht r within this week .. Id appreciate if u help .. Thanks


AttaHun said...

hi there..seems not much anyone can help unless you can remember the password.

just a reminder, the password is case sensitive, therefore be sure to check if the first letter is in CAPS or not, try that if you're quite sure what the password was..

Anonymous said...

thanks for replyin .. And yh i think i know what the password is now but i think the application tht tells u if its valid or not is corrputed as im 100% sure what the password is.. Sounds familiar?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick reply ..well now im pretty sure what the password is but it still says Invalid :'( .. I was wonderin wheather the fact tht i reset the phone might have corrupted the application which stores the password .. What u think?


AttaHun said...

to be honest, i'd say that it is unlikely that the reset process will corrupt the phone internal apps. Only thing is that the security app is kinda weird and MAY have slight issues as this memory card password thing is always a problem to many.

I can only suggest that you try other passwords, even earlier ones you may have set for your memory card as it may have something to do with the password being stored in the security app.

Don't forget about the capital letter on the first letter of the password.

Sorry can't be of much help.

Anonymous said...

awww .. its ok .. U did more enough by replyin my problem .. Ill try tht .. As soon as i mange to unlock it if i manage ill tell u :D . Thanks again


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much man....Thanks alot for the tip (the lock password replaces card password).....
Thanks agin

Mohammed Fazil

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much


akhil said...

Hi guys,

could anyone help me out. I have the same problem as Nathan. My memory card is corrupted and encrypted. I saved the key and kept the same code for key and pass phrase. I couldn't decrypt it.

Jayanath said...

Hi ,

In my E7 , in thememory card image foled I find some foldes with junk charector names. I cant delete these folders and because of this I guess the PC suite is not able to transfer imagesnd videos to PC. So everytime I ve to connect as Mass storage and manually move the new images to the PC. I un installed almost all the unwanted suspected applications from the phone.Is there anyway out without formating to get rid of this problem?

AttaHun said...

I'm not sure if the folders are the cause of your problems. What pc suite version are you using? The latest is known to have bugs, try reverting to older versions to see if the problem persists. Check my other posts if you need to download a copy of older version of pc suite.

Paulo said...

Thank you very much for the "MEMORY CARD CORRUPTED" solution. It worked! *Uff* :)

mäenpää said...

Didn´t feel like reading the whole set of posting throught, but my problem started once I update software to Nokia E71 october 2009. After update, I didn´t have access to memory card (2gb) and I considered all the files on this microSD are lost. There was a password consisting 5 digits. During update no backup was made of the memory stick. After update I installed microSD and phone asked the password. I tried several times this 5 digits password without success. Also I tried something common like 0000, 00000, 1...8 and so on.

What happened few days ago E71 surprised me with a nice message, "disc error". I ignored the error twice and as a result phone reset all calendar, contacts and text messages. I ended up updating the phone with the latest update ver.400.. something.

After installation I removed brand new 8gb mem card and reinstall the corrupted 2gb which i didn´t format when the problem arose last fall. My password was not working, but accidentally I tried password "lukitse" which is a finnish word and means lock. Such a positive surprise was, that old 2gb mem card unlocked itself and all the lost files (over 700 pics) were restored!!!

So if you end up having same problems as described above, password lukitse may help you.

memory-card-mess said...

Need some help here. I encrypted my memory card w/o saving key. Here is wat happen so far.
1. Caught virus(Curse of Silence)on my E71 when i tethered via laptop.
2. In order to kill the virus, I had to factory reset my phone. I back up all my files on the memory card.

Problem: Forgot to decrypt memory before I reset my phone. Now, I can't access my memory card at all. I tried connecting to PC and defrag it but it can't read the file system of the memory card. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

AttaHun said...

perhaps you can try encrypting another memory card (hope you have a spare) with the same password on your E71, then copy the passkey into phone memory, swap the memory card and decrypt the old memory card with the new passkey. See if that works.

Is it possible to remove encryption by using the password?

By the way, since the new firmware i have never encountered the encyption error, or perhaps because i had encrypted my memory card once before those days.

tec said...

I did encrypt my memory card without saving a key. After the encryption process folders and files on the card was unreadable and names changed to @#@%$!@.
In my case I just turned off and then again on my phone. Every file and folder then were back in normal sight.

Emmett said...

i just updated my E71 firmware to 400.21.013. and now the memory card is locked. i didn't recall myself setting the password. anyhow, i did try to unlock it with your remote lock thing, but it didn't work. is it because the latest firmware can't accept it?

and i read somewhere in the comments that u have to send an sms or somthng. don't quite understand about that. appreciate if u can explain further. Thanks loads.

AttaHun said...

upon firmware update, it does requests for the memory card password and it is always a problem if you never set it, because a lot have encountered it without much solution, but perhaps to reformat it..

the sms thing is just to activate the remote lock. Once you set your sms lock with a password and send an empty sms with only the password (remote lock is active) it should trigger the new password and that password can be used to unlock the memory card password requested.

as an alternative, try 'lukitse' as the password to see if it works. i have yet to receive any feedback whether 'lukitse' works or not..

pls do try and let us know. thanx.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for all your posts.

I was wondering if anyone can help me - I've been having problems with my memory card being corrupted for no apparent reason (usually when my e71 has been turned off and then on). I followed the steps creating file xxx.pk5 and it worked perfectly! Only recently, my phone ran out of battery... i charged it and turned it back on, the card was corrupted as usual, and I typed in the exact same password as in previous times. But this time it said it was invalid!

Are there any other suggestions?? I really don't want to reformat the card because I have applications saved on it, like Advanced call manager, that I don't want to lose!

AttaHun said...

hi,have u tried removing and reinserting the memory card before trying the password? sometimes the simplest method is the best solution. all the best.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your quick reply! Yup, I've tried that - then when I'm in the encryption screen I select 'memory card' and a message comes up saying something like, 'key not matched to memory card. Memory card cannot be used'. But if I select it again it lets me select xxx.pk5 and type in the password which it then says is invalid =(

Do you have any other ideas?

AttaHun said...

interesting..so it means that the encryption system is active and checking.. note that the password is case sensitive, be sure to remember if you may have accidentally started the first letter with a capital letter.

Another method; please check if you can 'remove password' from Tools>Memory>Password.

And while you're at it, please do try out 'Lukitse' and see if it helps? i'm still waiting for a feedback on that password. :)

Anonymous said...

hi i have read the all about ur problems wit nokia e 71 , i have same sd card prblem with Atthan exactly please help me

Anonymous said...

Pl some one help me,i have Nokia e66,and my 2gb memory card is corrupted ,have some very important data in it

Anonymous said...

Hi! my Nokia E71 memory card is encrypted and i cant open my memory card coz i dont know thw passphrase please help!!!Jasper J.

shafinur said...

hi suddenly i cannot read my sms in E71.the sms title is seen but the sms body cannot be open.what should i do?

AttaHun said...

hi shafinur,
thanks for visiting my blog. unfortunately i haven't encountered similar problem therefore not sure of the problem.

have u tried restarting your phone? you can also check your sms setting if your sms is stored in your memory card or phone, if it is in your memory card, you may try turning off your phone, remove your memory card then reinsert it again prior to restarting your phone. you can try cleaning the memory card pins using an eraser or rubber just to test out your luck. :)

good luck trying and let us know if u solved the problem.

do not hard reset the phone *#7370# as it will delete the sms.

Nicole said...

Wow. Thanks for the amazing info. It's funny how important these posts are in times of electronic desperation.

None of the comments worked for me. But let me tell you what I did first:

after a *#7370# hard reset, my memory card became locked which completely surprised me as I had not encrypted the memory card. I restored my data onto the phone via PC Suite, just in case.

So I found this post and tried to set a remote lock password, took out the card, tried the remote lock password on the card and the password was not correct. So I hard reset the phone once more in hopes that the remote lock password would work if I did a hard reset.

In summary, I finally tried my phone pin (the pin you use to unlock your phone when it restarts/turns on) and that worked!

So happy. Thank goodness.

I don't know if this will help anyone but maybe?

AttaHun said...

this truly is an important info. i'm sure it'll be useful to someone out there.. thanks for letting us know.. cheers and have a nice day.

peppe said...

Dear Attahun,

I'm so glad to see this post.. i have a Nokia E71 .It caught a virus and i could not send messages...so someone told me to format it to factory settings by pressing a few buttons together..i did that and eversince iv been cursing myself coz all my data is in my memory card and its locked...im not very goood with all this stuff plz help and explain in detail for a basic user like me that how can i unlock my memory card... i donot want to try anything new and definitely dont want to format...I checked my memory settings i donot have a remove password option.... plz help me how can i use this remote lock settings and will it further lock my card or what ...plz help in detail step by step urgently

peppe said...

Dear Attahun,

I'm so glad to see this post.. i have a Nokia E71 .It caught a virus and i could not send messages...so someone told me to format it to factory settings by pressing a few buttons together..i did that and eversince iv been cursing myself coz all my data is in my memory card and its locked...im not very goood with all this stuff plz help and explain in detail for a basic user like me that how can i unlock my memory card... i donot want to try anything new and definitely dont want to format...I checked my memory settings i donot have a remove password option.... plz help me how can i use this remote lock settings and will it further lock my card or what ...plz help in detail step by step urgently

AttaHun said...

thanx for visiting the blog..i supposed the above instruction is quite detailed already on what to do; in any case i add below few more hints on the method for your case.

1. goto Menu> Tools> Settings> General> Security> Phone&Sim> step 2

2. allow remote lock> yes> new remote lock message> "lockit" (without the ""; to activate this feature in case your phone is stolen is by sms'ing your phone number with the message 'lockit' - give it a try) > lock code> '12345' (or any other lock code you change)

3. try changing lock code to something else such as 'aaaa'

4. go to your memory card and when the lock code message appears, try 'lockit'

5. if it fails, try the lock code '12345' or 'aaaa' (if you change your lock code)

Let us know if the above works!

rohan said...


Martyn Davies said...

Excellent. I was beginning to think I'd never be able to see what's on that flash drive again. It never occurred to me that the password it was asking for was the same as the remote lock code! Thank you.

Asif said...

thanks a ton for your post. you saved my life. I have all the important conversation on my memory card and i did the same thing by mistake.

Very greatful to you

Anonymous said...

i'm having problem wit my e71 , i cant install application ... everytime i tried to install it will be hanged... i tried to format my memory card ... but still it cant work
so can u tell me for the solution bro mail me at sikukuys@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

thanx a million bro.. you are a star.. finally managed to solve the "memory card locked" problem..

T. T

Survivor said...

God Bless you! Thank you very much Brother, after getting a memory card corrupted message I was so affraid, because I have 3 months of my 5 year old boy (pics and video) in that card. I followed your instructions and it worked! I have ALL back. Now, excuse me, I have to back up all my pics and videos to my pc. God Blessings Bro!

AttaHun said...

glad the info helped you all..really appreciate your comments to see that the above info can work, in a way. To those unable to make it work with the above steps, appreciate your comments as well on what solution did you use..cheers!

Vikki said...

I'm not sure if you can help or not but this is the situation. I encrypted my memory card. I was able to access the pictures on there once. now I can't view anything. I tried decrypting and nothing? I can view the memory card status and it says used and free space are what they should be. A corrupted message came up but went away. Am I doing something wrong?

AttaHun said...

vikki, you weren't supposed to encrypt the memory card; should have just chosen to encrypt but thereafter cancel it.

sorry i am not familiar with the issue you mentioned, hope you will be able to resolve it and let us know how you did it.

all the best.

Anonymous said...

well my memory card is locked .. and it only locked after i put it my friends phone .. but my friend had no code on her phone anyway .. so i am very confused :s but anyway i followed the steps you gave me and nothing happened its still saying "memory card locked" ITS DRIVING ME INSANE !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys
I m using nokia e71 and came across the memmory card corrupted problem few days back.

while i was using my phone it suddenly get hanged in between so i switchd it off and when i swtiched it on my memory card was corrupted, i tried formatting it through my pc and after formatting it started working bt whenever i switch off my cell i again encounter the same problem, i even tried it formatting through my phne bt it also shows d same result.

i remember dat once i had inserted a corrupted memory card of sumbody to format it using my phone, since that day i am having this problem, i would really appreciate if somebody help me out of this problem.

Anonymous said...

do anybody knows the solution for the above problem ??? plz guys help me out

shiva said...

thanks bro
it is really working
thanks you very much

Anonymous said...

hey...can u plz tell me that after updating software on e71 through pc suite, does the virus present in the cell also gets deleted ??? and what kind of problem are we expected to face after updating a software ????

Patney said...


Could any one of you please help me identify the problem with my Nokia E71 phone. It started when I was listening to music through music player and all of a sudden the music stopped playing and i received "General Connection Failure" and thereafter before I could react the music player showed only 1 song. Rest all got deleted. I can see the songs in my memory card but they play one by one i.e. they are not added to media player application. What could be the cause?

Also, earlier when I used to click any picture or make a video it used to get stored in the phone by default with the file name as the date when it was captured/recorded. Now this is not happening. Has my MicroSD card got corrupted?

BTW, I have installed the latest software through Nokia OVI suite but it didn't help curer my issue.

Any help in this regard would be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

thanks a million! I kept getting the 'enter card password' message after updating firmware, and was about to format the card, before i read your post. It worked exactly as per your explanation; the old remote lock code was the problem.

chilled said...

My E71 phone has decided that the memory card is encrypted but I have never enabled encryption. The phone said the memory card was corrupt and whether to enable encryption or not. I removed the original memory card and tried another memory card and I could see the files on that card. At that point, I encrypted the new card and I can still see the files. This proves the memory slot is working as expected. I inserted the original card to follow the advice given here to follow the message to encrypt the card but to cancel at the last minute. However, the phone no longer offers that option. It asks me for the key but of course I never enabled encryption on this memory card so a key does not exist on the phone. Can you help?

Stadhi said...

I have just formatted my phone Nokia E71 rather resetted it with *#7370# and the mistake I committed is I did not remove the memory card password as the phone would automatically put the password if we didnt reset it.What happened next is my worst nightmare.The memory card asked for password when i inserted it.
I have read your blog and tried every process you explain like Remote Lock etc but it still didnt help
can you please suggest some more method otherwise I would lose very important files that i have in my memory card. By the way my Memory card is Nokia Micro 2 GB SD Card.

AaleE said...

Same thing happened with me last night. i restarted my phone and it showed something like encryption error. i have never encrypted my card so key dsnt exist. Well in the end after trying so many things i format my card in my mobile...
Now card is working fine but i have tried so many data recovery software and still unable to restore my data back. Recovery software are showing nothing in result. I have lost everything like sms, backups, videos, photos and softwares :(

Anonymous said...

Please author, im having this same problem with my memory card... It pains me so much cos i got so much on d card... Its a 4gb card... Whenever i try to import a new key it tells me no key found... Pls what do i do? I need my datas back... Pls.ss!!!

Anonymous said...

the remote lock message is the memory card password! or rather, the first 8 characters of the message. I wish all forums that claim to have this answer actually did. Thank you so, so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi i have a question about the corrupted area, i 32 gb micro sd on on nokia n8 encrypted it self and it didnt save the key, or i lost it, or i delete it bottom line i wasnt asked about the key, so i tried formting the sd card and it just restared the phone and did nothing, i tried formating it on my PC, nothing, i tried the remote lock thing still nothing, you have got to help me, i need that sd card, my stuff are on that card and i need them, help?

AttaHun said...

once formatted all data in the sd card is gone..but if u can't format in either phone or pc, big chance the card is spoilt.

amit said...

I have been reading the blog for quite some time.. but never needed to ask any question
but now i am in a deep problem. and i can count on you.
I encrypted my 2gb memory card with my Nokia N8 and i chose the option encrypt without saving key.
yesterday to my surprise when i inserted the memory card in the phone the phone said "memory card corrupted" when i went to encryption menu it said memory card encrypted with another key. and it was asking me to import the key which ofcourse I had not chosen.
Then today i remembered that i had changed the Remote Lock code of my phone after encryption.
Did that happen because i changed the Remote lock?
How can i decrypt the card now since I hardly remember old remote lock code
I have some Extremely important files which i cannot afford to lose..
please Help Me

AttaHun said...

amit, sorry to hear about your problem.

the passwords are necessary. the passphrase used during encryption and also the remote lock code.

keep trying the passwords. sorry cant be of further help.

amit said...

Thanks for the reply. Allow me to tell you that i had selected '' save without key'' but even then the phone is asking me to import the key..how can i import the key?
So far as remote lock is concerned i had changed that two to three times. I don't want to give up my hope as yet... There must be a way out.. Any more suggestion...please

AttaHun said...

shoot..it seems that if u "encrypt without saving key", there is no way to decrypt prior to "restore factory settings" option.

check out: e71 tips-tricks

Kewal Satra said...

Hi all,

I have been using E71 for the past 2 years and it had been working absolutely well.

Yesterday, I came across a post and tried the remote lock feature for the first time. It worked absolutely fine.

However to my surprise, I had ended up encrypting my phone and was bugged to see all my memory card data in some alien fonts. Was damn Scared of losing the data!! Applications stored on Memory card were absolutely not working. Besides the phone too was working slow.

I had tried all the solutions from various posts n blogs like removing memory card or connecting to PC to recover from PC Suite etc. But all in vain...was just not willing to get it formatted so easily.

I remebered that I had chosen the option of "Encrypt without saving the key". And the error wat I used to receive was " No keys found".

After a lot of search, I came across your blog and one of the suggestion posted in 2009-10 did wonders. It mentioned this way:

"I did encrypt my memory card without saving a key. After the encryption process folders and files on the card was unreadable and names changed to @#@%$!@.
In my case I just turned off and then again on my phone. Every file and folder then were back in normal sight."

After reading the same I just followed the following steps:

1. Removed the remote lock/memory card password which I had set.

2. Turned the phone off.

3. Switched it on.

Hurray!! I had most of my applications back and they were woking.

However, the alien fonts of encryption had not vanished and were still there on the memory card.

4. The last step left out was to go back to the Encrytion screen and had to choose between the two options of " Decrpt" and " Decrypt and turn encryption off".

I chose the latter and thats it...! All is back to normalcy except a few good applications.

All thanks to this blog and the posts.

Hopefully this might prove helpful to Amit too.

Sharing makes Wonders!!!

Thanks all,

Kewal Satra said...

Dear all,

Have another query!!

Whenever I turn my Nokia E71 on after switching off...It takes a lot of time to install the applications.

And at the end it gives me error messages like:

"Not all applications could be installed successfully. Please visit the application manager to install them".

Also, my sorted applications get jumbled up and change their position.
Beside some of the applications even though installed, get hidden somewhere and appear under installations occasionally.

Has any one of you faced similar problems??
Does anybody know how to fix it??

Pls share and help.


Onabright said...

AttHun, thanks alot for this blog. You have saved me twice from formatting my memory card. Today I upgraded the firm ware of my E71 and it started asking me for a lock code, yet I had never set one.
If this ever happens to you, most likely you enabled remote SIM lock. Make sure you still remember that code BECAUSE it is the one you will need to unlock your mem card. I tried the 'Lukko' password but to no avail. That remote code will be your savior!
Thanks everyone for your contributions, they are very helpful!

Shashank said...

I need your help!
i had encrypted my memory card...with a passphrase....but i forgot the phrase...and now i cant access my memory card at all! even if i try to connect it to my laptop with a card reader...it doesnt read!
and if i insert it into the phone....the phone wont start at all...it gets stuck right after i turn it on! and if i insert it when my phone is on....it still gets stuck!
what do i do now?

pliz pliz pliz help!

junie bombongan said...

how do i fixed my n71 memory card not functioning or memory card is invisible. anyone can help me w/ this problem? i'm junie

Anonymous said...

Thank's , it's work on my nokia e71 . I hard reset my phone without removing my memory card . When it's done , my memory card is locked . So i entered "block" as a password coz i used "block" for ny remote lock massage befor hard reset and it unlock my memory card . Thank's

Anonymous said...

I have a little problem in my nokia E71,my memory card corrupted,when i get here to look for solution,i read all instructions above,and when i pressed Menu>Tools>Encryption and I chose ''encrypt and save key'' I entered the key xxx.pk5 but it did not work,and now when i try to go to the Encryption,the text ''Key not matched to this memory card,memory card can not be used'' I will really appreciate it if you help me.

Teknologi Dan Informasi said...

thanks brother ,its working correctly,,
thanks very much...!

Anonymous said...

mmc encrypted for no reason :(
I tried every of above mentioned methods but in vain,once i did formated my mmc and got back my data through "data recovery" about 70% of my data was recovered,mmc and cel were doing well but at a sudden the same encryption things happend

Anonymous said...

The post that keeps on giving!

Thanks a million! Glad I didn't format. I encrypted with a key and my "Corrupt" SD came back. I can see all my vacation pics and video of the kids :)

I don't care about any hardware, or any memory card, but the memories lost would've been devastating.

Thanks again!

Shashank. D said...

my memory card corrupted, i've tried what you said, but it didn't work. plz hlp me out!!!

Shashank. D said...

my memory card corrupted, i've tried what you said, but it didn't work. plz hlp me out!!!