Nokia Backup File .NBU Problem (Filetype unknown)

A friend just had this problem when upgrading his E71 firmware; he backed up his data using Nokia Content Copier but was unable to restore the data. I thought i should put this up just in case anyone else having same trouble.

After backing up data from the phone using Nokia Content Copier and saved to PC as the .nbu file, the phone was upgraded without any problems and was succesful. Problem occured when doing backup restore using same Nokia Content Copier - the backup file was not found from the application. Even when the .nbu file was found in the PC, the Nokia Content Copier couldn't detect the file. So when the .nbu file was double-clicked, it opened Nokia Content Copier but with an error message; something like "Filetype is unknown. Unable to copy files to phone".

Problem occured with the usage of Nokia PC Suite version; Only found solution was to revert back to Nokia PC Suite version Other versions might also work but i haven't tested any.

I have the installer for version with me but its quite a big file to upload, so if any of you need the installer, leave a comment and i'll upload the file.

EDIT: Download the installer from HERE

Hope this helps.


arthur said...

well, it seems I also have that same problem... Even pointing at the file will not help. Can you upload the installer, so I can see if it also helps?

AttaHun said...

hi there, recheck my post, i've included the link to download the installer. let me know if it works. good luck.

al_lea said...

Try Noki to read/convert the content of the .nbu file.

Steve Dii said...

Going through same problem! Unable to restore my E71 (305mb) back up file, the only restoration part working from the backup file is one for contacts, other files (my sms in particular) fail although it shows a 100% restore success message at the end.
This problem happened after a prompted upgrade of Nokia Software updater. Previous restore did work prior to NSU upgrade, but at the moment even old backup files won't work with the supposedly updated NSU. Definitely, I think something is wrong with the updater.

AttaHun said...

yup,revert back to the older updater and that should solve the problem.

Rama said...

Thanks a lot, it helped.

Manish said...

I am facing same problem with the given version of pc suite.

Any other solution?

AttaHun said...

if u have tried with the version i provided in the link, maybe try to use the latest update version from nokia.

it also depends on your operating software, which i am using windows XP only, i have not tried with latest operating software such as windows 7.

Impippen said...

There is more than meets the eye. I believe there was a bug in that dialog, so it did not detect the nbu files. BUT if you type *.nbu and hit Enter.. suddenly your nbu file appears in the list..

I am restoring now.. looks to be positive.. I will keep on updating.