Nokia E71: Transfer Files using WIFI due to slow data transfer

If you are frustrated with the speed of your Nokia E71's data transfer, well many are sharing the same feeling, i suppose, since i had a similar remark from a friend.

To understand the issue, you may have to consider this:
1. Nokia E71 is using USB1.1 format which has maximum data transfer speed of 12Mbps
2. The newer E72 is using USB2.0 format which has maximum data transfer speed of 480Mbps

Therefore you can understand the significance of the slow data transfer encountered by Nokia E71 users. Note: 'Mbps' stands for Mega Bit per second.

Now for a 'solution', by utlizing the WIFI connection on the E71 which is using 802.11g connection, we can enhance the data transfer speed to a maximum 54Mbps. So how do we use the WIFI connection for data transfer? Well unfortunately such capability does not come built-in, therefore a certain symbian application is needed: SymNC by Telexy Networks. (The application is under 'device networking' > Network Commander) The application is not free, though can be tested before purchase.

Previously this app was known as SymSMB.

Head on to their website to give this application a trial run. Truly worth it!!

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Anonymous said...

great stuff! try these (needs signing):
SymSMB v4.00.61
SymNC v1.0