I have been lazy...very lazy...despite many things i would have wanted to share, i was lazy...and still am..in fact.

In any case, just to highlight that today is the middle of December 2010. That means there is only 2 weeks more to pay, what counts, before you declare your tax next year.

You can check out my calculator to estimate how much is your income tax for this year. You will of course declare it somewhere in April 2011 but all that counts is only what had been transacted in this year 2010..So you can check if you may need to buy some books, sport equipments or even pay your outstanding 'zakat', just be sure to do it before end of the year.

I had for quite some time put on hold my plan to get a new PC/laptop; now seems to be a very good time to lower down the tax a bit... :)

P/S: Check out LHDN website HERE for the tax reliefs for 2010

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