Nokia E71: Search contacts in phonebook by keying in numbers using Quickfind app

When you receive "misscall sms", or when a friend asks you to check a number, or when you want to check a redundant number/contact in your phonebook, it is always a chore - you'd have to dial the number and see if a name comes out on the screen, and the need to cancel the call just in time before it actually connects. I find it troublesome!

Well, i'm glad i found this very useful app - Qfind v1.20 (Qfind Contact Search - visit their website for more info). It is a JAR or java application so any other phone with java support will be able to use this app, i guess. It lets you search a contact in your phonebook by just keying in the phone number, that way you will be able to see if a contact number is saved twice with different names, and you can check if a certain number exists in your phonebook without the need to try dialling it! Neat, huh? Qfind is truly a quick finding application.

Well it seems the app was no longer developed since quite sometime ago, so it may not worked its best with a Nokia E71 (or qwerty keyboard for the matter - alphabet search does not work) but it still does the job nonetheless.

You can download it from HERE, as always... :)

Now for a brief guide on how to use it (read carefully as this is important):-
1. Upon starting up the app, you will be asked/prompted about allowing the software to access your phone, so just accept / press 'yes' to all the prompts.
2. Once the app is running, you will see the main screen with your phone book list shown on the screen and a top bar which is to be used to key in the numbers.
3. Note there's an "#abc" tag at the bottom bar. I suppose its used to key in 'alphabets' but i cannot seem to make it work. Anyway you'll have to press "func (bottom left key) + # (hatch key)" and you will notice the tag changed to "#123". Now i suppose it is to key in 'numbers'.
4. You'll have to press "func" key (bottom left key) TWICE - this is to shift the qwerty keyboard from 'alphabets' to 'numbers' mode.
5. OK now you can key in numbers. :) note that the contact list will change to show the contacts that contains the numbers you typed in.
6. Note that if you want to 'backspace' or delete the numbers, press 'ENTER' key and not the 'backspace' key on your E71 qwerty keyboard. Ackward, huh? Well like i said it was not really developed for qwerty keayboard, i guess.

Hope it works for you. Let me know if you find any problem. Cheers. :)


Anonymous said...

Hmm... This is useful. In addition, if contact search is the only requirement, a better way might be to use a built in feature, rather than download an additional app. Check out the following discussion thread.

AttaHun said...

many thanks..that is truly good information, never knew we had this function built-in:-


*if you save your numbers with country code i.e +60... be sure to search with the "+60" first