Malaysian Income Tax Year 2010 (and BE2010 calculator)

I'm sure many have started the calculations. :)

LHDN has came up with their new BE2010 format, therefore i have also updated mine to incorporate the minor changes. Nothing much, hope you find this useful.

You can download the latest Borang BE2010 calculator HERE

Let me know if you find any errors as well as if you find it useful! Thanks guys.

P/S: If you need additional info on the new BE2010, head on to LHDN website or you can download the sample form and its explanations HERE


Shamsul said...

Thank you for your effort. It will help me to check all the details before signing up the real form to HASIL.

AttaHun said...

yes sir, that was the intention. Also to check by end of the year on available allocations/benefits to make use of..


Kang said...

Hey man,
Thanks for replying my email for the file.

Always look to ur excel before I do up my income tax every year!

Appreciate the effort man!

AttaHun said...

glad its useful to u..cheers..

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. You are doing a great job and it's very useful.

datoron said...

hi there the file download link seem got some problem. can you please resend the link. Thanks.

datoron said...

thanks for the email enclosed with attachment ! Keep it up; blogging and blogging. Cheers

penarik said...

bro! can email me the xls file.
thanks bro!!

Zainab said...

Hi, please email me the excel file at zairie07@gmail.com.Thanks.

whosane said...

Hi, can you email me the excel file...thanks.

Anonymous said...


Could you please email me the Borang BE2010 calculator email address sashokkumar@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Excel last year.
Do you plan to release any this year?

AttaHun said...

sorry guys...kinda unorganized couldnt find the time to release this year's version...i suppose not much changes so you can edit 2010 version to suit...cheers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your help. I will try to get it done via the LHDN website.

Keep up the good job

Man Bucit said...


i wonder if you could give the password to unlock the excel file.

i'd like to use your file as a bsed to summarize my previous taxes.

if you could, pls email to kissman.chelah@gmail.com

AttaHun said...

sorry but no password. thnx for being understanding. cheers.

Bernard said...

Bro, we looking forward for your 2011 revision! Please do it, we sincerely thank you for your effort!

AttaHun said...

haha thanx for the support bro...wont be making the 2011 version this time around..

u can use the 2010 version and just edit the values..no prob since calculations are still the same..

thnx though..keep checking the site..

Man Bucit said...

understood bro

just in case anybody else had the same need, i made a basic one at this link, keep in mind that i have no knowledge of our tax system ... and don't pay taxes that well


Anonymous said...

Hi Atta,

Found that the excelsheet really helpful - could you email me the excel copy for BE2010 calculator?

email sofiean@gmail.com